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N ot Just Geeks sort of happened by accident. I was approached by a number of people from the DVD Talk forums who wanted me create a place for them outside of what was becoming a very harsh community. The very creation of Not Just Geeks 1.0 changed the way in which DVD Talk was administered, and in that respect it was a “success”. In July 2015 we experienced a tragic server failure which wiped Not Just Geeks 1.0 and its content.  I recognized that I couldn’t bring Not Just Geeks back as a forum, but the idea of it being gone nagged at me, so I decided to launch Not Just Geeks 2.0. I envisioned Not Just Geeks as a place to cover things which are traditionally seen as geeky, but really should be enjoyed by everyone, (most notably board games)

We all “Geek OUT” on things we enjoy, from Fantasy Football, Food, Drink, to Games but there is still a stigma around the concept of “Geek”

Not Just Geeks is my way of exploring “Geeky” things and presenting them in a way that everyone can enjoy and understand. If you have something you’d like me to cover or send for me to review, contact us.

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