Coloretto is a very simple game to set up and learn. At it’s core it’s a “trick taking” game where you place colored cards in different piles and then push your luck by taking these piles at the right time to maximize the number of “good” cards you are collecting while trying to have your opponent take “bad cards”. These good and bad cards are determined by the the first three colors you collect (as colors beyond those three actually will count as negative points at the end of the game).

What makes Coloretto so enjoyable is that it’s so easy to pick up and play. There’s enough strategy here for a light filler game to be engaging, but not too much that there’s much analysis paralysis. so the game goes along fairly well. Coloretto is a really great intro to the whole concept of trick taking games which along with Cockroach Poker are perfect for younger players.

More seasoned players may want to jump ahead to more advanced trick taking games like No Thanks!, Black Spy or Haggis, but Coloretto is a great place to start.