Kahuna - 2 Player Game
Kahuna – 2 Player Game

Kahuna is a STRICTLY 2 PLAYER area control game. The game runs three rounds where players take turns playing cards and building bridges within the 12 islands of the archipelago Kahuna. Control the most bridges to an island and you control the island. It’s a very simple concept, but the game increases in difficulty as each round builds on the last and the game shifts from laying down bridges to strategically destroying other player’s bridges.

One of the things I love about Kahuna is how easy it is to pick up, learn, and play. For an area control game, Kahuna moves along quite quickly. It never drags and there’s very little downtime between turns. I love that this is actually designed for 2 players, as some area control games that “support’ two players often play better with 3 or 4.

There’s also an iOS app for Kahuna that mirrors the board game very well and is also worth picking up.

If you like area control games and are looking for something great for 2 players, I heartily recommend Kahuna.