Cockroach Poker (Kakerlakenpoker) is one of the easiest and fun bluffing card games out there. The deck has 64 cards, 8 cards of 8 different “bugs”. The deck is dealt out among the players. With the starting player, a player passes a card face down to another player exclaiming “This is a…(and the name of one of the 8 bugs)”. The receiving player has a choice, they can say “I believe you”, “I don’t believe you”, or if there are more than 2 players they can look at the card and then pass it to another player and say “This is a…. (and the name of one of the 8 bugs)”.

If you guess wrong, then you have to take the card and put it in front of you face up and then it is your turn to play a card. If you guess right the card goes back to the person who just passed it, they play it in front of themselves and have to play another card. The game ends when someone runs out of cards or has four of the same kind of bug in front of them.

We’ve played this game countless times with a wide age group. Our 8 year old LOVES LOVES LOVES this game and has become as good at bluffing and guessing as the adults. Cockroach Poker is so easy to learn and easy to play and it’s always filled with laughs and fun. Can’t recommend this game highly enough.

Publisher: Drei Magier Spiele
Price: $10-$15 (sometimes in stock at Board Game Bliss)