Set in a world where darkness threatens to consume everything, “Evenfall” challenges players to work together in an effort to push back the looming shadow. Players must strategize, cooperate, and sometimes make sacrifices to ensure the survival of their realm. The theme of the game is compellingly dark and atmospheric, and the art and components only heighten this sense of urgency and despair.

Components & Artwork

The components are of high quality, with detailed illustrations that perfectly capture the ominous theme of the game. The board is well-laid out, making it easy for players to understand their surroundings and the challenges they face. The cards, tokens, and other components feel durable and are designed with clarity in mind.


The heart of “Evenfall” is its cooperative gameplay. Players must communicate, plan their moves, and sometimes make tough decisions for the greater good. The rulebook is comprehensive, guiding players through the various phases and actions they can take. The game has a steep learning curve, but once players get the hang of it, the experience is deeply rewarding.

The game mechanics are engaging, with enough randomness to keep things unpredictable but not so much that strategy becomes irrelevant. The balance of resource management, strategic planning, and the ever-present threat of the encroaching darkness makes each playthrough tense and thrilling.


Thanks to the variability in how the game can unfold, “Evenfall” boasts high replayability. Different strategies can be employed, and the game can feel quite different depending on the choices made by players.

Experience & Atmosphere

Playing “Evenfall” was an immersive experience. The tension of watching the darkness spread and the elation of successfully holding it at bay created a rollercoaster of emotions. The game was challenging, but in the best way possible, forcing our group to think critically and work closely together.




“Evenfall” is a standout in the realm of cooperative board games. Its theme, mechanics, and artwork come together to create a memorable gaming experience. While the learning curve is steep, those who invest the time to understand the game’s intricacies will be rewarded with a challenging and engaging gameplay experience. For fans of strategy and cooperative games, “Evenfall” is a must-play.

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