Wowza, folks, Holy Grail Games, the board game publisher that was killing it with their incredible and inventive games that blew the socks off the gaming community, has gone belly up. That’s right, they were a crowdfunding favorite, bringing in major bucks and tons of backers. But in Feb 2023, Holy Grail Games said they were hitting the financial skids, and now all the peeps who supported them are totally bummed out, as are the employees who are out of work.

Holy smokes, news of Holy Grail Games’ bankruptcy has rocked the gaming world. The company was super well-known for making top-quality games, and all their backers were eagerly awaiting the launch of their latest creations. But it’s become clear that things weren’t all roses for the company, and there were problems with finishing previous projects and with their fulfillment process.

Listen up, one of the biggest issues for Holy Grail Games was getting orders sent out to backers. Peeps were getting stuff that was missing pieces, or not the right stuff, or nothing at all. That caused a ton of frustration and disappointment, and some backers even tried to get their money back from the bank or credit card company.

There were backers who felt for the company, but others were not so happy and had beef with both Holy Grail Games and Kickstarter. These folks thought Kickstarter wasn’t doing enough to hold creators responsible for their projects, and was leaving the backers to shoulder all the risk.

Let’s be real, crowdfunding isn’t a guaranteed thing. Backers know there’s always a chance their project won’t pan out. But it’s important for the company to be straight up with their backers, and give them frequent updates.

It’s hard to say which specific games backers didn’t get from Holy Grail Games, since the company had a bunch of different Kickstarters going on and were having trouble with fulfillment. But a few of the projects affected by the bankruptcy were “Rallyman Dirt,” “Museum: Pictura,” “Age of Atlantis,” and “Copan: Dying City.” It’s worth noting that Holy Grail Games was trying to give refunds for these games, but the bankruptcy may have caused some complications.

The bankruptcy of Holy Grail Games is a real wake-up call about the risks and uncertainties of crowdfunding. It’s also a reminder that both companies and backers need to keep things transparent and communicate well. It’s a bummer to see a cool company like this go down, but the gaming community is strong, and there will be new companies that will take their place.

In the end, Holy Grail Games was a company that really wowed the gaming community with their amazing games. It’s too bad they went under, but the stuff they created will live on, and their influence on the gaming world won’t be forgotten.

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