Utter Nonsense – The Accent Party Game

Utter Nonsense

We are fans of Cards Against Humanity, but after playing it several times, the allure to playing it has diminished. Utter Nonsense fills this “bawdy” party game slot with a dash of freshness and a lot of fun. Each player draws seven saying cards and then a judge draws from a pile of accents. A […]

Cockroach Poker (Kakerlakenpoker) Game Review

Cockroach Poker

Cockroach Poker (Kakerlakenpoker) is one of the easiest and fun bluffing card games out there. The deck has 64 cards, 8 cards of 8 different “bugs”. The deck is dealt out among the players. With the starting player, a player passes a card face down to another player exclaiming “This is a…(and the name of […]

Batman Fluxx Card Game Review

Fluxx is a game where as you play the rules and goals shift. For some this moving target is a delight, while others it is extreme frustration. While the basic structure of Fluxx is the same, there are now a ton of different themed versions. For Batman, Looney Labs draws from the Batman animated series.. […]