Revive Board Game Review – Is It Worth Buying in 2023

Revive - Board Game Review

It is your goal in Revive to become a survivalist in the post-apocalyptic world, and you play as one of the factions of survivors battling to renew technology while exploring the frozen planet while trying to survive. The objective is to repopulate and rebuild the world in order to earn the most points, and once […]

Dragon’s Gold – A Game of Negotiations

Dragon's Gold

At first, I didn’t really think I was going to like Dragon’s Gold. You only start out with four cards and you use these cards (and their points) to fight dragons. Seemed pretty simplistic, that is until you factor in the negotiation round where everyone who played a card on the slayed dragon must agree […]

Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Board Game

Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers Game

My son and I both play Magic The Gathering The Collectable Card Game, and so we were excited to play a Magic The Gathering Board Game. We quickly found that it’s probably a misnomer to call this a “board game” as it’s much more a table top, miniature driven game. The Magic The Gathering theme […]

Review: Reiner Knizia’s Pick-Omino

I first discovered Pick-Omino via the iPad app. It is a Reiner Knizia game, and I often enjoy his games. Pick-Omino is definitely on the lighter side of Knizia’s games, and has an equally light theme. The theme is that you play birds at a worm BBQ, and you have to roll dice in order […]

Fluxx Dice Expansion Card Game Review

Not Much To Fluxx Dice Expansion

The idea of adding dice chucking action to Fluxx sounds fun, that is… until you play it. This expansion is comprised of 2 dice (each with draw and play numbers) and five cards. Of the five cards 2 aren’t shuffled into the deck, so effectively you’re only adding 3 cards into the mix and one […]

Kahuna Board Game Review

Kahuna - 2 Player Game

Kahuna is a STRICTLY 2 PLAYER area control game. The game runs three rounds where players take turns playing cards and building bridges within the 12 islands of the archipelago Kahuna. Control the most bridges to an island and you control the island. It’s a very simple concept, but the game increases in difficulty as […]

Coloretto Game Review


Coloretto is a very simple game to set up and learn. At it’s core it’s a “trick taking” game where you place colored cards in different piles and then push your luck by taking these piles at the right time to maximize the number of “good” cards you are collecting while trying to have your […]

Cockroach Poker (Kakerlakenpoker) Game Review

Cockroach Poker

Cockroach Poker (Kakerlakenpoker) is one of the easiest and fun bluffing card games out there. The deck has 64 cards, 8 cards of 8 different “bugs”. The deck is dealt out among the players. With the starting player, a player passes a card face down to another player exclaiming “This is a…(and the name of […]