Longhorn Game
Longhorn Game

I’ve got a fairly solid library of games, but I was looking for another 2 player, light, easy and fun game which I could use as a warm up or to fill the gaps between two heavier games. Longhorn fits that space PERFECTLY. It’s a very simple game that is easily taught (the rules are 3 pages long).

The game is basically a light strategy game which involves taking cows from 9 tiles. The number of cows you take then dictates how many spaces you move your opponent. There are a few conditions that end the game, most of which tend to happen within 15 minutes.

Since getting this game earlier in the week, we’ve already played it several time. I played it with my 14 year old and my 8 year old, both really enjoyed it. This game IS a light game, but that’s it’s charm. It’s light, fun, and relatively short, fits our needs perfectly.

Publisher: Blue Orange
Price: $25